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Architectural Services


Consultation & Fee Proposal

STAGE 0-1 / Strategic Definition, Preparation and Brief

A fee proposal for the initial stages of works can be provided remotely in conjunction with an online consultation.

As a bare minimum; We will require the site address and a brief of what you would like to achieve, Many clients tend to have their own sketch ideas, so please send these over along with any other relevant information you may have as it all helps us understand you and your project! 

Once the site and brief is understood; we will allow fees for a Measured survey and sketch scheme. We will also allow for fees for the planning submission and building regulation drawings if confident we understand the resulting design. 

An initial consultation via Teams or Zoom is our preferred method of discussing your project with you. This tends to be a very efficient and focused use of time, whereby we would review the existing drawings together and discuss some potential options along with any other relevant information to the site.

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Measured Surveys

- Stage 0-1 plus -

A detailed survey is the first step for any project. The site will be thoroughly measured internally and externally, services will be indicated and site photos will be taken throughout for reference. Observations of the neighbouring buildings and street is also important as this may impact the planning application.

The survey will also assist in the following design stages. 

Bromley sketch scheme.JPG

Sketch Scheme

- Stage 2 / Concept Design -

The best method to agree a way forward is via a sketch scheme. We take the client brief and propose a number of options that best match this scheme, but also provide alternate 'out-the-box' option that will not have been considered. The sketch scheme will generally include basic layout plans, and perhaps some hand sketches to help convey ideas. Sometimes it may be worth having a 3D model produced in order to assess the volumes proposed and potential impact they may have on neighbouring properties.

This stage is also useful in that these initial sketches can assist in budgeting for your project. They can be utilised in order to obtain a ball-part figure from a builder and this knowledge will help you decide which option is feasible.

planning plans snip_edited.jpg

Planning Submission or Certificate of Lawfulness

- Stage 3 / Developed Design -

It is possible to design within permitted development rights which can help reduce the lead time to commence with the building works, and potentially save on costs. In this instance it is advisable to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

For Planning Submissions, generally you will be able to gain more space which can add more value to the property. The planning drawings will consist of existing & proposed plans, elevations and sections, as well as a site + block plan. Other documents may be required for a submission such as a design and access statement or possibly a tree report, or flood risk assessment. By this point, we may need to appoint a number of consultants for various reports which will aid the planning submission. 

For larger than average ground floor rear extensions, it is worth considering submitting a Prior Approval Permitted Development Application whereby you can extend up to 6 meters on Terrace and Semi-Detached property, and up to 8 meters on Detached property. It is important to speak with your neighbours before this application is made as they will be consulted by the council which can affect the decision. 

A Listed buildings application will be required on buildings of architectural importance. This type of application will likely require a lot more input and to-and-fro with the council and other authorities such as Historic England. 

137 swakeleys BR section_edited.jpg

Building Regulation Drawings + Submission & Tender

- Stage 4 / Technical Design -

A detailed set of drawings will be produced including everything required in order to gain approval from your Local council / Approved inspector. Plans, Sections, Elevations, Details will be produced to include the construction build-ups of each element. Building regulation notes will be added to the drawings.
We will work closely with the appointed structural engineer in order to update the drawings with a coordinated structure. 
This set of drawings/information can either be submitted to the council as a Full Plans Application before construction commences, or utilized by the builder who will serve the council a Building Notice. The plans will be checked and approved by Building Control.
This will generally be sufficient information for the builder to price the shell and core of the proposal, however schedule of works may be required on more complex projects.
Once the scope / design is agreed with the client in the form of a tender pack, the information can then be submitted to a number of builders.

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Architecturally Designed Interiors

- Stage 4 plus -

When an Architectural Designed interior is required; a Detailed design pack is recommended. This will include further developed drawings which allow for internal elevations, joinery drawings, kitchen designs, bathroom designs, floor tile designs, staircase designs etc. 
We offer to produce further schedules such a specification of materials, fixtures, fittings, finishes, etc. Sanitaryware schedule, ironmongery schedules, window/door schedules will be produced. We will obtain quotes from all relevant sub-contractors, ie Technology, joinery fit out, and included within the Tender Pack. 

The advantage of providing a full design of the shell & core AND the internal design is you will have a far more accurate price for the build as a whole and can add/omit to suit the budget. The more design information also means that there will be virtually no variations on site, and the project will run far smoother!


Contract Administration / Construction

- Stage 5-7 / Construction, Handover, In Use -

We can offer to act as contract administrator. This includes management of the payments to the builder via weekly or fortnightly valuations, We will keep a close eye on quality of workmanship, Answer design queries, and update the client on progress.
On practical completion, the works will be inspected and signed off with required certification as per the chosen contract, typically provided by JCT.

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